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Re: В каком календаре можно найти память одноимен. святых жен?
10.07.2020 14:18:11 в ответ на "Re: В каком календаре можно найти память одноимен. святых жен?" (Гавриила)

> > не встречающееся в других известных календ.
> Встречается... нашлись памяти обеих. Вопрос снят.
> Adelaide Dec 16
> c 930-999. Daughter of the King of Burgundy in France, she was married to Lothair II of Italy. She was rescued from brutality after his death by Otto the Great who married her. Widowed again, she was maltreated by her son and daughter-in-law. In old age she became the regent of the Empire. At the end of her life she became a nun.
> Adelaide Feb 5
> + c 1015. Abbess of Willich near Bonn in Germany and of Our Lady of the Capitol in Cologne. Both convents were founded by her father.

Только из этого календаря мы берем только английских святых. См. Источники