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Re: [о почитании]
17.12.2018 14:46:07 в ответ на "Re: [о почитании]" (Олексій Тре)

> Еще раз, версия о том что Виргилий и Фергал о’Нилл (Fergil, Feirgil - настоятель монастыря Агабоу в Ирландии, † 789) одно и тоже лицо, притянута за уши.

Это я ураузумел. И кстати, Муди рассматривает Фергуса и Виргила как разные лица:

  1. http://celticsaints.org/2018/1127c.html - St. Virgil of Salzburg Born in Ireland; died in Salzburg, Austria, November 27, c. 781-784.
  2. http://celticsaints.org/2018/1127a.html - St. Fergus of Glamis Died after 721; feast formerly on November 18. An Irish bishop, possibly of Downpatrick, and surnamed "the Pict," he went to Scotland as a missionary and preached in Caithness, Buchan (where there is a town called Saint Fergus), and Forfarshire. In Strogeth he founded three churches; in Caithness, two (presumably Wick and Halkirk). He may also have established churches at Inverugy, Banff, and Dyce. ... He may be the same as Fergustus, bishop of the Scots, who signed the Acts of the synod in Rome in 721, which condemned irregular marriages of various kinds, sorcerers, and clerics who grew their hair long.