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Re: в районе горы Алсос
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> В этой статье Мохова очепятка)) Каяджик находится в 6 км не к западу от Шахинкая, а к северо-востоку...
...ну и Акхисар находится не "к востоку" от "Соколиной Скалы", http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Northern-Lydia.1444684433.gif

> Ссылаясь на Фосса,
Им. ввиду, Foss Cl. Sites and Strongholds of Northern Lydia // Anatolian Studies. London, 1987. Vol. 37. P. 81-91, http://www.jstor.org/stable/3642891

На стр. 88: "Plateia Petra first appears in history in connection with the iconoclastic persecutions of Leo V (815-820), who in about 816 exiled an abbot Athanasius to a certain fortress (kastron) of Lydia called Plateia Petra. The abbot here received the visit of St. Peter of Atroa, whose biography provides the information. The saint came over the mountains from his monastery near the Lydian Apollonia to an oratory near the fortress where the villagers brought two paralytics to him. He cured them after they renounced iconoclasm, then proceeded to visit Athanasius".

Упомянутая Lydian Apollonia где-то рядом с Mecidiye Belediyesi. С др. стороны, Οταν τελείωσε ή έπισκευή τοΰ 'Αγίου Ζαχαρία, ήλθε στό μοναστήρι του 'Αγιος Πορφύριος στις όχθες τοΰ Ρύνδακου.

> В общем, вопросов еще больше стало...

В любом случае, Ό Αγιος καϊ ό άδελφός του Παΰλος έξακολούθησαν τό ταξίδι τους, παρηγόρησαν γιά λίγον καιρό τόν έπίσκοπο Αθανάσιο έξόριστον στήν Πλατιά Πέτρα και γύρισαν στό Καλονόρος άπό άλλο δρόμο.


И насчет

> А где этот Lissos?

1) См. Life Of St. Ioannikios (introduction and translation by Denis E Sullivan) // Byzantine Defenders of Images: Eight Saints' Lives in English Translation by Alice-Mary Talbot (1998), стр. 296:

"Peter has actually not previously mentioned a "Lissos." Mango ("Ioannikios," 402) plausibly suggests that the correct reading here should be Alsos (i.e. the mountain in Lydia first mentioned by Peter in Chap. 19), noting that the error can be readily explained by similarity of the uncial letters in each term. The error has apparently been picked up in the text of Sabas (chap. 14), who mentions a kastron of "Lisos" (έν κάστρφ τώ Λισώ), on which Janin (Eglises Centres. 150 and n. 1 and cf. 164 n. 6) comments: "On lira evidemment: mont Alsos de Lydie".", http://books.google.com.ua/books?id=2Hx_YA8upNsC&pg=PA296

Там же, стр. 274:

"Mt. Alsos (mentioned below, see Chap. 41) is apparently the same as Mt. Lissos, which is also mentioned below (see Chap. 39). and Mt. Lisos in the version of Sabas (for the identification see Mango, "Ioannikios," 402). Sabas (chap. 14) says: έπΐ τά της Λυδίας τοΰ άλσους όρη και έν κάστρω τώ Λισώ παρακειμένφ τόπω. Χελιδόνα κάλου μένω . . ., suggesting a location in Lydia southwest of Mt. Olympos; see also Janin, Egiises Centres, 150. and below, n. 292" , http://books.google.com./books?id=2Hx_YA8upNsC&pg=PA274

2) См. так же Byzantium in the iconoclast era, c. 680-850, стр. 418:

"According to both versions of his Vita, after the restitution of iconoclasm in 815 St Ioannikios moved to Mount Alsos (Lissos) in Lydia, south-west of Mount Olympos, and founded churches; the earlier and apparently more accurate version of his Life by Peter says that they were dedicated to the Theotokos, Peter and Paul, and the martyr Eustathios."

"Mango 1983 (with substantive corrections to Janin 1975, HO, 150, 154); reiterated by Ruggieri 1991,232,235,253. On the Vita see Brubaker and 1 bidon 2001,215; for an English trans, see Sullivan in Talbot 1998, 255-351; loannikios'building activity at Lissos appears at 19, 22, 23. The monastery of Balaiou, perhaps on Mount Olympos, may also have been built by loannikios, but this is claimed only in the less reliable Life of the saint written by Sabas: Ruggieri 1991, 215; on another problematic Olympos monastery, see ibid. 223-4", http://books.google.com./books?id=saTPtrgLTQoC&pg=PA418

Там же, стр.426:

"Also in Lydia, a monastery of Balentia is noted in the life of Peter of Atroa", http://books.google.com./books?id=saTPtrgLTQoC&pg=PA426