Всякий, ненавидящий брата своего, есть человекоубийца; а вы знаете, что никакой человекоубийца не имеет жизни вечной, в нем пребывающей. 1 Ин. 3,15

Обсуждение статьи "КАРФАГЕНСКИЙ СОБОР 256"

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В настоящий момент неизвестно какие кафедры занимали мавританские епископы Квинт и Юбаян, см. там же, С. 84 [1]:

Concerning Mauretania Caesarea, the introduction to the acta of the s eptember, 256 council of Carthage refers to the gathering of "the majority of bishops from the provinces of Africa, Numidia, and Mauretania" who were accompanied by some of their clergy. A review of the list of bishops present seems to show that the fi al province had no episcopal representative, indicating that little can be known about church expansion in the western half of North Africa. However, epigraphic inscriptions reveal the presence of Christian communities in the region from the third century. These include: Ruscuru (Dellys, Taksebt, along the coast of Kabylie), Tipasa, Caesarea, and Cartennae (Tenes), situated along the coast moving from east to west; sitifis, Auzia (sour el-Ghozlane located twenty-five kilometers southeast of Algiers), and o ppidum Novum (Ain Defla on the o ued Chelif), all located in the interior of the province; Castellum t ingitanum (El Asnam, Chief), situated in the west; and Atlava (o uled Mimoun, thirty kilometers east of t lemcen), located in the far western end of the province. Cyprian also corresponded with two Mauretanian bishops, Quintus and Jubaianus, though their exact locations are unknown, it is also likely that t ipasa and Caesarea had bishops by the third century. The Mauretanian bishops' absence at the church council in 256 could be explained by the fact that they disagreed with the views of their African colleagues, or that that they did not want to get involved in the confli t with r ome over the heretical baptism issue. Cyprian's letters to the Mauretanian bishops seem to offer credibility to this view.

[1]  François Decret. Early Christianity in North Africa (translated by Edward L. Smither Eugene), OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2009, P. 61, 62, 78, 84: http://books.google.com/books/?id=3y9KAwAAQBAJ&pg=PA84 ; http://books.google.com/books/?id=S-fkDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA84 (Книги-Google, дата обращения 12 июня 2020 года)

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> В настоящий момент неизвестно какие кафедры занимали мавританские епископы Квинт и Юбаян

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